Born Zoe Randolph and raised in Queens, NY, emcee Zoe Gawd also loves to tout herself as a 'songwriter', crafting percussive dirges that are at once beautiful and menacing, not to mention driven by harmony. Between Zoe Gawd's haunting vocals and her live, hypnotizing lyrical bursts of stinging rhymes - of course laid on a smoky bed of pummeling drum programming - you're invited to be a passenger taking a musical ride in the world steered by Zoe Gawd. Hailing from the home to influential artists such as Nas, Run-DMC, Nicki Minaj and 50 Cent amongst many others, Zoe's up for the challenge to fill big shoes by spending sleepless nights in the studio, and crafting what she believes is something new to offer to the musical landscape. 

Coming from a musical upbringing that saw her early childhood hone skills at playing the violin in middle school and then the drums in high school, it's not surprising of Zoe Gawd's passion for songwriting and an equally informed affinity to performing live where, to just choose one as her favorite would be a disservice. “I grew up listening to Nas, Alicia Keys, Destiny’s Child. But some of my biggest influences are Missy Elliot, Partynextdoor, The Dream and SZA." Currently doing open mic appearances and artist showcases throughout the NYC area, she's a big fan of connecting with people -- hopefully potential fans of the future, through live shows. “I’m a natural performer,” she says. “I would say performing is my favorite part of the business. I'm also a fan of songwriters.” Immersing herself in NYC's hyper-competitive open mic scene has developed her chops, stage presence and increased her awareness of what's more prone to touch an audience, rather than just being a studio emcee piling a bunch of words in rhyme to no avail. And her rep as an energetic, thoughtful performer is building HOT steam.

With aspirations to be an award winning songwriter and performer, she wants to inspire as many people as possible to help them realize their true potential. Sounds cliché, right? But through working on new material in the studio, yet still testing the 'underground' with exposure to new audiences throughout the world's most exciting city by performing over rhythms, swelling textures, precise minimalism and chaotic eruptions of sounds night after night, she's not only strengthened as an artist, but destined to inspire a ready fan base with her debut single, "2am".

More of her material promises to explore the healing force of love and the exhaustion of pain that inescapably accompanies human's most powerful emotion. Light cannot exist without darkness, nor bliss without suffering. She will conjure an atmosphere of duality as it drifts through an expanse of emotion. This underlying uneasiness and discomfort can be heard in her upcoming recordings, and on stage, she'll more than emphasize this beauty by contrast.

So why has it taken so long for Zoe Gawd to debut? When you hear the material, you'll realize how much work was put in and why quality isn't 'snapchat-ready' in a flash. She'll accept being considered a "new" artist. For now. Armed with emotion, lyricism, wit and personality on stage to be considered an elite emcee, just wait 'til she gets her hands on you...after '2am'.